Woocommerce Email Templates

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To edit the Woocommerce Email templates navigate to >> WC Email Templates and you will see a list of all email templates including the ones you created by adding custom WC Order Statuses

honeybadger.it platform woocommerce email templates

Clicking on a template will load its details like shown below

honeybadger.it platform wc email template details

Here you can see all the default WC email template details, you can load defaults for each detail, edit the details using the tags shown below, you can additionally add a BCC to the emails and edit the subheading, if you choose to disable the template the default WC template will be used, and if it is a new template created in custom WC Order Statuses a default template will be used. On the HoneyBadger.IT platform when changing an Order Status emails are sent only if you choose to, not like in Woocommerce where you do not have this choice.

You can edit the advanced templates too, this requires PHP and HTML knowledge, be careful when you edit the ADVANCED templates, if any issues just load the default

honeybadger.it platform wc advanced email templates

In example you want to edit the Email Order items section, you would edit the “Email Order Items ADVANCED” template

honeybadger.it platform editing wc order items email template

You can configure various Woocommerce settings at the bottom of the page

honeybadger.it platform other wc settings

You can preview your changes by clicking the “Preview the email template” above the save button

honeybadger.it platform preview wc email