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Learn Platform

In this section learn how to use the platform, learn features like:

  • Create Woocommerce Custom Order Statuses
  • Edit the Woocommerce Email Templates including newly created statuses
  • Add custom email templates that can be sent to your customers
  • Add custom PDF Attachments including Invoices
  • Add other users to your HoneyBadger.IT platform and set them privileges
  • Look at logs, see who did what on your system
  • Create Woocommerce Orders over the phone or in store
  • Split Woocommerce Orders
  • Combine/Merge Woocommerce Orders
  • Create PDF Invoices
  • Add Woocommerce Product Variant Extra Images
  • Manage your Subproducts
  • Manage your Suppliers
  • Manage Supplier Order Statuses
  • Manage your Supplier Orders

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