Attachment Templates

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On the HoneyBadger.IT platform you can create PDF attachments for the Woocommerce order statuses emails, order action emails and supplier order actions in a very flexible way. Navigate to >> Attachments to list current attachments platform attachments

Attachments templates have settings like Pdf Size (the paper size like A4), Pdf Orientation (Portrait or Landscape), Pdf Margins and a Title, the title is important because it creates a folder on your website (if you choose so) in which all attachments that are sent to customers or suppliers are saved in platform attachment edit

The attachment Content is the template from which the PDF is created, here we use Woocommerce and Suppliers tags, the PDFs are created using TCPDF software on the platform side platform attachments content

Here is a look on the usable tags platform attachments tags

After you add your attachment content you can set where this PDF should be used, you can attach it to the Woocommerce status change email, to the email templates you created and are shown in the WC order details page, to the WC order details page as a printable action (in case you would like to print the customer address to put it on your package) or to the Supplier Orders details page as an action linked to the order status, or printable etc. You can choose to save these PDFs on your website by checking the Keep the files on your server checkbox, the files will be saved in the plugin folder under attachments folder with the name of the formatted Title of the attachment platform attachments attach to

You can preview and send a test email with the PDF attached using the Preview attachment and Send Test Email buttons for WC orders and Supplier orders as shown below platform attachments testing

Clicking on Add new attachment template button will show the New Attachment form with the same details as for edit attachment with an option to load preset templates like Invoice platform new attachment

Attachments have subtemplates for WC and Supplier order items platform attachment subtemplates

You can add static attachments by clicking the Add new static attachment button, these attachments can be anything you want to send to your clients or suppliers and can be attached the same way as a dynamic attachment to the WC status change emails, order action emails and supplier emails platform static attachments

Spotted the mistake? The attachment was associated with completed order status, which is not intended, the shipping address template is meant to be printed only.